Minor Triad Peddle


Minor Triad Peddle

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This is the digital download set of mp3 audio exercises for this specific product which includes 14 audio tracks. The ranges depending on the exercise level (beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) will work through a semitone by a semitone increment and will go through the entire male range (Bass – Tenor) and the entire female range (Alto – Soprano) respectively. The following audio file is a clip sample of the exercise at 100bpm with the backing track.

  • 7 Male Audio Tracks
  • 7 Female Audio Tracks

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Exercises of the Scales, Arpeggios, and Melody Riffs categories are identical in that they are formulated so that we can initially learn the part to sing at the tempo of 80bpm with the piano, pushing it through the appropriate range of the exercise. Then, increasing the tempo twice to 100bpm and 120bpm the piano is accompanied by a professional studio quality backing track which is unique to each exercise. We use these tracks to our advantage building and perfecting all our vocal techniques and increasing our ear, tone, pitching, control, versatility, flexibility, range, dynamics, legato, etc. Then we have two additional tracks which are the backing tracks without the piano at the tempos of 100bpm and 120bpm so once we have learned the exercise well, we can practice singing our vocal techniques over the exercise without the piano at these two tempos. Lastly, we have another two piano tracks at the tempos of 140bpm and 160bpm where we can practice flexibility, versatility, and control techniques at an advanced level.

Exercises of the Vibrato, and Falsetto categories are structured slightly differently. Instead of tracks at tempos of 100bpm, 120bpm, 140bpm, and 160bpm we have tracks at tempos of 90bpm, 95bpm, 100bpm, and 105bpm with the two backing tracks at the tempos of 95bpm and 100bpm. This is because the vocal techniques suited for these exercises should be mastered and sung at a comfortable speed. Vibrato and Falsetto exercises still come with the initial piano track at the tempo of 80bpm.

Lastly, exercises of the Rhythm category are structured with only four tracks. The track tempos are 80bpm, 90bpm, 100bpm, and 110bpm. The tracks at the tempos of 80bpm and 90bpm are just piano tracks and the tracks at the tempos of 100bpm and 110bpm include a drum groove appropriate to the accompanying exercise rhythm. No backing tracks are given for rhythm exercises because it is more than adequate to practice the varying rhythms and appropriate vocal techniques against the drums with just the piano than to consider how difficult they would be with backing tracks.


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We cannot as a vocalist learn to sing full chords. We can harmonize with other vocalists to create chords. So, therefore, we learn to sing arpeggios. Arpeggios that are encompassed within the Arpeggios category will be devoted to learning a particular arpeggio. The Arpeggio Exercises will fall within the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. Every arpeggio is unique to itself, has its unique sound, and together with varying levels of pitch, intervals, and sequences, we will learn to sing that particular arpeggio across the appropriate exercise range. The included unique backing tracks for each exercise will help us realize the arpeggios unique sound and help us develop our ear as well as our voice.

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