Friends Of Mine


This is the digital download mp3 of this title track from Cunning Brad’s album – Back To Life

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Cunning Brad is a gutsy singer, sincere songwriter, fervent guitarist, crazy entertainer, and harmonica player who aspires to reaching out and touching other people’s lives. He has released 2 sold-out albums so far (Big Cigar and Back to Life) and album number 3 is in production. His 1st guitar was scraped out of a schoolyard dustbin and glued back together. He has been featured in local media, film, TV, and radio. His hungry passion and love for music is obvious in his music and seen in his performances. He believes in humility, charity, and real music… His music is multi-genre and is best described as well-incubated, lyrically loaded, melodic rock and ballads on organic instruments with heart and soul and hard honed talent. His music appeals to any age-group. Live performances are his niche as besides being a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player he also a passionate entertainer. A mix of old and new school rock with a dash of folk. “I just get outta my own way and write from the heart, in other words, my music is my love made audible.” Listen & you tell me.



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