Who We Are

The Master Music Talent Academy team is a collective of professional musicians with decades of experience in teaching and performing with an unrivaled skill who have come together to create courses, lessons, and exercises that anybody at any level of experience can use to learn or use to improve their musical talent.

Over the past 20 or so years, we have met and come across countless musicians which have turned into friends and colleagues. From the humble beginnings of learning in one’s room to broadening the horizon of attending formidable music schools with the likes of those that include Berkley, MIT, and the ABRSM. Our team has traveled all across the globe performing and teaching giving their life to the art of music. We decided to put all our knowledge together and give back what we have learnt to those thirsty for developing their musical talent. We’re here to stay

Why Us

If you want to become the best you possibly can be as a musician, then that’s why you should choose us to take and help guide you through your musical journey to greatness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all musicians of any level all around the world come together to learn, share, experience, and master their musical talent.

Our Misson

Our mission is to provide those musicians out there with a platform and the necessary tools in the form of Lessons, Exercises, Courses, Social Networks, Forums, Blog Posts, and News that will excel them into mastering their musical talent and the wonderful world of music.

What Real Students And Colleagues Say

See what people, students, colleagues, customers, and friends say about us

Trevor Berry

Pastor | H2O Ministries

” In my opinion, Colin is the Jamie Oliver of drumming, as Jamie has made cooking so great and so easy, Colin has that same ability to teach us in a way that we’ll learn things that we never thought possible… I want to encourage you to take his drumming courses. In my opinion, Colin is the best drummer in the world. “

Daniel Buys

Singer / Actor | Artscape & Fugard Theatre

” I think it’s a great thing that he has decided to teach and impart his knowledge on budding performers …. Exceptionally hard-working and diligent guy. “

Gavin Hayze

Singer Songwriter / Music Producer | Rattle n Roll Studios

” I’ve worked with Devlon both onstage and in the studio …. 3 things I really like about him, his professionalism, his consistency and most importantly, the talent! “

Liberty Life

Liberty Life Team

” Brad Cunningham (Cunningbrad) and his guys are the most amazing… Professional (both on the stage, and off), entertaining, versatile… plays all genres of music, you name it and he will play it. You will rock till you drop! Something to suit everyone… “

Dr Sheldon Rocha Leal

Director of Culture/Music | Southdowns College

” Devlon Horne is one of the most talented guitarists to whom I’ve ever been exposed, with his extensive knowledge of music and the music business, you will be in good hands with this phenomenal musician. “

Tom Muller

Owner | Rockwood Theatre

” Should you want to use his services you can rest assured you are going to get a professional, a vibey, a fun service (Colin Heaney). “

Bruce Marx

” The looping course presented by Brad from Success Loops is not be missed if you are looking to expand and grow in music. I took the course a while back and it is great!! It explains in detail what you will need to start off with. And having Brad there who has gone through the whole process and who has mastered it is an added bonus. Having all this info at the click of a button is great BUT having it presented with the passion that Brad does is just inspiring!!! Thank you Brad!!! “

Barry Hilton

International Comedian

” If you wanna take drumming lessons online then Colin Heaneys international online drumming school is the one for you, he knows what he is doing… he is the person you need to learn online with. “

Johan Du Plooy

Singer / Guitarist | SweetChilliJam

” Anything you can throw at this guy he can play from reggae to rock to whatever …. He always knows his stuff …. Very Professional, go check out his stuff, I would highly recommend Devlon. “

Cathy Mackinnon

” Bradleigh Cunningham is brilliant with true passion and love for music, he’s a superb guitarist with a great voice, a soulful harmonica player, and just all-around lots of fun! “

William Docherty

Remax Super Salesman

” I’ve known Colin for well over 15 years, what a brilliant guy, a top top lad. He’s done training for us over at Remax, his drumming is exceptional, he is really a great guy, I would really recommend Colin, really a top lad. “

Cindy Alter

Singer | Clout

” Colin is the most wonderful musician you can imagine… one thing you’ll get from him is pure professionalism and the other is a great guy with a great sense of humor, you can’t go wrong if you want to take lessons from Colin because what he has to offer is something priceless. “

Joe and Lelanie Heydenrych

” Hi Brad. Thanks once again. You’ve just got yourself a massive fan base down in V-Town. Sincerely hope you will come down this way to the Barnyard again sometime. “

Johan Snyders

Post Production Sound Engineer | EarCandy Studios

” As well as an accomplished musician he turned out to be an honorable friend …. I wouldn’t have any problem recommending him as a tutor or mentor (Devlon Jarrod Horne). “

Meet The Team

See who is who in our outstanding team of professional music instructors

Our team has traveled and toured the globe for more than a combined 100+ years of music experience. Not to brag but some members of the team have shared stages with the late Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Nina Simone just to drop a few names. They have created and released albums and have had number one hits on radio and online broadcasting platforms. Some have taught and learnt their craft from some of the most prestigious music schools and universities in the world. There is no doubt whatever it is you want to learn you are quite capable of doing so in our hands.

Join Our Team

Our Partners

These are some of our partners that we have the privilege to work and collaborate with

Rattle n Roll Studios

A place where amazing recordings Get Done!

Our studio is conveniently based in Meyersdal, south of Johannesburg. With over 30 years of experience crammed into one room, you are sure to receive nothing but quality. Our latest digital equipment works hand in hand with our inventory of the most sought-after vintage analog recording gear.

Gavin has spent most of my career as a live performer and production vocalist, traveling worldwide and working with some of the biggest entertainment companies. His passion for production and mixing started in 2015 and has since grown into a full-time adventure. Gavin is a videographer and a bad golfer.

12 years in business

Gavin will help you record, produce, mix, master, compose, arrange anything that you bring to him. If you just have a melody in your head, Gavin can turn it into a beautiful single for you.

Loved by customers

The list of clients that Rattle N Roll has worked with are too many to mention but the praise they have for the team ( Gavin & Grant ) that works there is that of a professional and outstanding.

Marshall Music

South Africa’s Leading Instrument Store!

Founded in 1986 by John E. Marshall, Marshall Music has held its place in the South African music industry for over 30 years and has grown into one of the largest suppliers of musical and sound equipment in the country. Marshall Music now owns 8 branches nationwide, South Africa’s largest instrument retail warehouse and gear and sound hire company.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding quality and service to all our clients because we know that from Liszt to Hendrix and Paganini to Coltrane, the relationship between musicians and their instruments is fundamental to the development of music.

34 years in business

Need we say more? Marshall Music is the biggest and best music store in South Africa with 8 branches nationwide. This powerhouse has been the go-to store for musicians looking for instruments since the 1980s.

Loved by customers

Loved by all musicians in SA, Marshall Music is not shy to offer endorsements and partner up with like-minded people to bring the joy and love of music to whoever they can. Check out their site to see the big-name artists they endorse.